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Signatures for Save Hmv Derry For The Community

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776 RuthMaccombe  
777 SinclairMaccombe  
778 JudithMaccombe  
779 JudithMaccombe  
780 erinsweeney  
781 DeclanKearns  
782 JohnSmith  
783 BreegeMc Laughlin  
784 ChloeMitchell  
785 KatieEdwards  
786 danielcallaghan come on deloitte! Do what's best for our city!
787 shannonloughrey  
788 JohnMcChrystal This store is very profitable and this City needs it to stay open. Online is good but its great to be able to browse the shelves. People won't travel to Belfast. Please reconsider.
789 MartinKelly Please dont closed the derry HMV store it means so much to the Whole Community with great staff.. PLEASE KEEP IT OPEN....
790 AngelaPeoples I think it's a very sad that HMV would close the shop in Derry when so many people use it
791 CarolineLynch  
792 HannahMcKechnie  
793 CathalMcBride  
794 ayeright aye right. multi-national = hopeless for the pawns
795 EmilyHill HMV has always been the music store I rely to buy my music by my favourite bands and my favourite movies. Please don't close it down!
796 MathiasPoupinais  
797 PhilippeHarvey Now they are closing the whole distribution for Canada! I will not go for movies online. I like to buy a physical version of the art.