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Signatures for Save Hmv Derry For The Community

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751 ShaneKirby  
752 SandraWallace we need a good DVD and Music shop here in the city. HMV shop should stay here. Know one will travel 2hrs to belfast. This is the city of culture.
753 GavinWhoriskey We definally need to keep this store open its the best dvd, game, etc shop in derry. Its apart of many peoples childhoods and livelyhoods not just for the workers but for the customers.
754 patrickmc daid  
755 eamonmcginley Top class store and excellent staff. It would be a huge loss to derry if the store was forced to close
756 ChristopherMadden  
757 ClaudineWilliams No more job losses, save this store
758 AdamMonaghan  
759 RomaHarvey We need HMV to stay in Derry because there would simply be nowhere else to go for music and films, imagine that, the city of culture starved of a decent music store
760 CharleneGormley  
761 LauraMansfield  
762 AmyMcGlinchey Keep HMW Derry open, we need it!!
763 garethconnor Save our local hmv.
764 FinvolaHarkin Please keep the Derry store open.
765 RachelQuigg  
766 rorydoran Save hmv derry only real dvd and cd shop in derry
767 GarbhanBoyle Please save our hmv. As the city of culture it only makes sense to save our store. It's the only place we have to buy dvds and music.
768 BrianKeenan  
769 MarkO  
770 ashLambert  
771 ErinMcGilloway  
772 ShaneFarrell Save HMV Derry! This store is a plentiful one and also NOT an expensive one! Don't Close!
773 CiaranRodgers Keep HMV in Derry open it bes filled with customers everyday.
774 ConorMcConnellogue  
775 ChloeMaccombe