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Signatures for Save Hmv Derry For The Community

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51 EmmaCurran Derry doesn't need another empty store and HMV is one of the best
52 denisemoss  
53 MariaCoyle Save HMV, Save these peoples Jobs
54 AgnesGibney  
55 DanaFeeney  
56 BernadetteSweeney Save HMV Derry
57 johnnys  
58 RachelGibney  
59 FrankCallaghan  
60 tinasimpson  
61 NiallCregan  
62 NiallO'Doherty  
63 JasonPurdy  
64 ClaireCahill  
65 KevinMullan  
66 SharonSweeney Youre tellin me.... I can save......HMV..... by signing a wee....... petition....... So I can?
67 DanielleCoyle  
68 PatrickFarren Going to Tesco to buy games? Eugh.
69 JaneenLeese Always a pleasure going into this store. The staff are always helpful and friendly and work hard to give the very best service. They sing and make customers smile too! This store is the one place in Derry to buy games, DVDs and CDs and is treasured x
70 chrishasson PLEASE keep HMV Derry open. We have NO OTHER music dvd stores in the town.
71 ConorConey  
72 elainemc daid good luck
73 MichaelMcGonigle  
74 RebekahKearney Being from Donegal, HMV is the closest to any good entertainment store. HMV would be a huge loss for Derry. Good luck x
75 AnthonyHegarty we need to keep this store open in Derry for the numerous people in the city who use it plus people from both sides of the border.