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Signatures for Save Hmv Derry For The Community

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26 LauraMcFadden  
27 DianeGibney  
28 RyanMc Chrystal It's my favorite shop
29 JosephO'Doherty We need it to stay opened in derry as we have no were else to get are DVDs and CDs
30 RoryMullan  
31 elainegormley save this hmv store!!! would be a crying shame to lose it on their city of culture year
32 RachelYoung Derry needs this HMV store just because of what it contains but also because it's a landmark it is quite literally the only place that in Derry everyone goes to. It doesn't have just a set up for one genre of people.
33 andyd  
34 shannonmclaughlin Hmv is the only place i can buy certain things like posters and it would need to stay open
35 sharonmcallister  
36 seanadeery  
37 davidholden We need HMV in derry
38 MarcellaGallacher  
39 GaryMcGonagle  
40 ChrisShaw Save this store
41 SamMarchini  
42 RayMcFeely  
43 theresakeeney I love HMV I purchase at least two things a week from this store to treat myself. the staff are amazing !
44 MichelleYoung save HMV Derry
45 LizMc Gowan  
46 PhilipHammon The HMV store in Derry is the primary store of its type and it needs to be preserved to keep business and the economy in our fair city running.
47 mareydevlin save HMV
48 DoloresMcMonagle We have no other music stores here!!
49 seanmckenna  
50 SerenaRodgers