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Save Hmv Derry For The Community

Hi folks, this is an e-petition to help the management and staff save your local HMV in The Richmond Centre.We have been overwhelmed in the last few weeks with the support and feedback from people locally.Customers young and old who visit our shop and talk to us about the things they love and how much they are going to miss the store.We are the only Hmv in the northwest area and feel that we are justified in fighting to have a store in the area. People on both sides of the border visit the store on a regular basis and if we close they will struggle to find the things they need anywhere alse.This petition will be part of a larger plan and presentation to the administrators to demonstrate the passion for our store and the commercial sense that it makes to have a shop in the north west area.We truly appreciate your support in this plan and know that 1000,s of people locally feel as we do.Thank You from all the staff at HMV Derry.

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